Meetings of The Parish Council are held Ten times a Year (every month except August and December) in the Bridstow Village Hall on the Third Monday of the Month.


Agendas are displayed on notice boards throughout the Parish and posted on this Website. Click each to view.


All meetings are open to the Press and the Public


If you wish a specific item to be discussed at a meeting it will need to be included in the agenda

The discussion item must be with the Parish Clerk EIGHT clear days prior to the meeting.



Meetings Start at 7.00pm



Monday 18th January                                                                                                                   Agenda            Minutes


Monday 15th February                                                                                                                 Agenda            Minutes  


Monday 15th Match                                                                                                                      Agenda            Minutes


Monday  19th April                                                                                                                        Agenda            Minutes  


Monday  17th May                                                                                                                         Agenda            Minutes      







Councillors: Richard Gething (Chairman)

Patrick Hughes (Vice Chairman)

Peter Brown (Footpath Officer)

Ross McCarroll (Emergency Co-ordinator)

Simon Brewer, Amanda Smith, George Barratt and Pamela Brown



Ward Councillor: Cllr. Elissa Swinglehurst


Clerk: Pat Newton 01989 562809  Email:



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